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Located in Clwyd, Scotland In Color is a non-profit organisation that provides cheap and rising psychotherapy and counselling services. Our services include psychotherapy for adults, children, and adolescents; family therapy; relationship therapy; and group therapy; as well as supervision for counsellors and social workers. Our primary goal is to make counselling and psychotherapy as accessible as possible to as many individuals as possible, and we accomplish this by offering a sliding scale based on their income. We have a limited amount of cash available for children and young people. Providing a compassionate and comfortable atmosphere in which individuals may feel supported as they explore their lives and build a feeling of well-being is the mission of Scotland In Color. Scotland In Color has been providing services to the people of Clwyd and the surrounding area for more than 40 years, and it continues to operate out of a beautiful structure. Birminham Mediation Services

Diversity and Equality

In recognition of the significance of diversity and equality, Scotland In Color has created a website. It is our goal to provide an inclusive and accessible service to all people, and we strive to do so by creating a welcoming environment that recognises and appreciates differences such as those relating to race and ethnicity, culture and socioeconomic class, age and abilities, neurodiversity, sexual preference, gender identities, religion and religious beliefs. Albion Mediation miam

Physical Access and Remote Working

Scotland In Color is devoted to make therapy accessible to everyone who seeks our services, which includes providing online and telephone counselling as well as traditional treatment. At this time, the Scotland In Color building is not accessible to persons who use wheelchairs or have mobility challenges. We are, however, able to gain entrance to a different location that is fully wheelchair accessible. In addition, we provide an online service for people who are unable to physically visit our facility, as well as for those who reside in distant places where travel to our facility would be too expensive. Mediation Addlestone

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