Privacy Policy

This policy statement outlines how we use any personal information we gather about you when you use our online services, and how you may opt out of receiving future communications from us. Our websites, nominated event booking platforms (including Eventbrite), and social media outlets are all examples of online services we provide.. Please keep in mind that this is a living text that will evolve and alter over time, so please check it frequently. By accessing and using our online services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this policy.

All personally identifiable information provided by you to Scotland In Color through any means (verbal or written, in electronic form, or through your use of our website) will be held and processed in accordance with the data protection principles set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation for the purposes for which you have provided consent, to provide the services you have requested from us, and to meet the legitimate interests of the charity.


Scots in Colour is devoted to safeguarding your personal information. We encourage you to read the following to understand more about Scotland In Color’s privacy policies and procedures, as well as our information collecting and usage methods.

This policy solely relates to information gathered by Scotland In Color personnel, therapists, volunteers, and trainees, as well as information gathered through our own online forms and website. This policy does not apply to third-party agencies or websites that are connected to ours from other sources. You should contact the Clinical Managers if you have any questions or concerns about your personal information, or if you have any issues about how we utilise your information.

When you request counselling from Scotland In Color, when you become an employee, volunteer, or trainee with Scotland In Color, or when you otherwise provide your personal information to us, you will be asked to consent to our processing of your data in accordance with the terms of this policy. If you do not consent, we will delete your information.

What kind of information do we gather?

Requests for counselling services – The process of registering with us in order to obtain access to our counselling service can be completed online, via mail, or in person. In order to complete our request procedure, you must provide us with your name, address, telephone numbers, and email address (if applicable). We may also ask for information about your availability, therapy concerns, GP contact information and agreement to contact them, and other information that we feel necessary to properly handle your request..

Applications for trainee positions can be sent in the form of a letter or an email to the appropriate person. Placements are available for counsellor and receptionist trainees, as well as other types of trainees. They will also be interviewed as part of the process. We will inquire about your educational and professional history, as well as your credentials, experience, and professional memberships. We also want your name, address, telephone numbers, email address, as well as the addresses and telephone numbers of any references or other persons who may need to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Become an employee of the charity – In order to apply for job openings advertised on our website or elsewhere, and to be considered for employment with the charity, you will be required to provide your contact details and other personal information (including your employment history and qualifications), as well as the contact information of two references. This information is solely used for the purposes of reviewing your job application, issuing an employment offer, and administering your employment contract. It is not shared or sold to any third parties.

You may provide us with information such as your name, postal address, email address, phone number, the amount of your gift, whether it is eligible for Gift Aid, and messages when you make a donation.

Website – We collect anonymous data on user behaviour and ‘web traffic’ statistics through the use of Google Analytics on our website. According to Google Inc.’s Privacy Policies, the gathering and use of this information is subject to their approval.

In addition to your name, postal address, email address, phone number, and any other communications you provide us through our forms (including all inquiry and application forms), we may collect the information you provide us on our forms (including all enquiry and application forms).

What do we do with the information you provide?

The following are the ways in which we use the information we have about you:

In order to give our customers with the professional counselling services they have requested, we must first understand their needs.

As a result, we are better equipped to provide suitable opportunities and assistance to our counsellors, administrators, as well as other volunteers and trainees.

In order to provide appropriate counselling appointments and to assign clients and therapists for counselling, the following tasks must be completed:

We will use your information to notify you of any changes to your appointments or other changes to our services.

To make improvements to our service in order to guarantee that it is delivered in the most efficient manner possible for both you and us.

The administration of our service, which includes the scheduling of appointments, the processing of payments and donations, and the conduct of financial control and analysis as well as research, statistical and survey objectives are all covered.

To remain in touch with those who have given their consent in order to further the organization’s, service’s, and professional development goals.

Our administrative, legal, and contractual duties as an employer must be met in order for us to succeed.

What kind of information do we divulge?

We will not disclose any of your personal information with any other organisations or individuals, save in the following circumstances:

Consent – Scotland In Color may share your information with professional caregivers or anyone who you have asked or agreed should be contacted on your behalf..

In the case of substantial harm being caused to you or another person, Scotland In Color may disclose your information with the appropriate authorities.

Compliance with the law – Scotland In Color may share your information if we are compelled to do so by law, or if we are required to do so by the legislation and other rules that govern our operations.

It is required for you to furnish our payroll management business with your employee information.

Backups of encrypted information processed and stored by professional IT security businesses are included in this category.

How do we ensure the security of your information?

Everything you send to us is stored in the most secure manner possible to protect your privacy. Printed paper forms and correspondence are maintained in lockable file cabinets on our premises to ensure their safety. Using the most up-to-date firewalls and data security protocols, all electronic records are saved on a cloud server, and access is restricted to those who have been granted a password-protected authentication or by our IT service provider, who is utilising secure cloud technology.

Unfortunately, the transfer of information via the internet can never be guaranteed to be 100% safe. However, although we will use industry-standard protocols and encryption to safeguard your information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you communicate to us by email, including forms completed on our website and sent to us via email; any transmission is done at your own risk. As soon as we get your information, we will put in place strong protocols and security features in order to attempt and prevent unauthorised access to it.

It is maintained apart from any session notes and other descriptive material that contains identifiable personal information about you. Client notes and other paperwork are deleted seven years after the conclusion of the counselling relationship. Individual gift aid applications are destroyed/deleted after seven years, and personal contact information is destroyed/deleted after seven years of no communication or changes.

Your legal rights are as follows:

In some circumstances, you may be entitled to receive a copy of the information that we maintain on you in our records. You also have the right to request that we fix any mistakes in your information if you believe it is necessary. If you are interested in doing so, please contact one of the Clinical Managers.

You have the right to revoke your permission for us to retain and handle your data at any point in time. However, if you engage in this behaviour while actively getting counselling at Scotland In Color, your counselling will be terminated immediately. The Clinical Managers can be contacted if you wish to withdraw your permission.


We do not use cookies to gather any personal information about you on our website, nor do we share your browsing behaviour with any third parties, with the exception of the following exceptions:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google. We, like hundreds or thousands of other websites you may visit, utilise Google Analytics to gather generic, anonymous data from all visitors in order to analyse how our website is being used and to improve the user experience. In exchange for the service that Google provides, this information is shared with Google.

Because the law requires you to be informed about our use of cookies, we are required to use a separate set of cookies to collect information about whether or not you have seen and consented to this notice, which is ironic given our use of cookies is voluntary.

That’s all there is to it. In the event that you become aware of or discover any more cookies on our website, please notify us immediately as they were not put by us!

Modifications to this policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. Any significant changes will be communicated to you by the publication of a notice on our website in a prominent location.